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The Green Grand Prix is an educational and competitive event in Watkins Glen, NY including the only Official SCCA road rally that promotes entry of all road- legal vehicle types and fuels in North America.  Our Road Rally is sponsored by THE DORIS BOVEE MEMORIAL FOUNDATION. Doris Bovee was an environmental enthusiast and our road rally is a tribute to her.

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The 2014 Green Grand Prix Rally Rules

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2013 Green Grand Prix

The Toyota Avalon hybrid of Jeremy Neil and Sean Sina starts Stage 1
of the 2013 Doris Bovee Memorial Road Rally.


Final Turn of the Stage 1 (Track Portion) of the Rally 2013.


High School Electrathon Technical Presentations compete for the top award donated by the
Clean Cities Coalition of Central New York.

1957 Heinkel 200 Microcar

Steven George's 1957 Heinkel 200 Microcar acheived a sensational 128 mpg in
Saturday's SCCA Doris Bovee Memorial Road Rally which circled Seneca Lake.

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Press Images
Image1 Propane Truck
Image2 Prius
Image3 West Philly & 3 wheel

Why we do it
Why we run the Green Grand Prix 

Clean Communities
Congratulations to
Pittsford-Mendon High School

Winners of the 2011
Electrathon Technical Innovation Award

sponsored by Clean Communities of CNY

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